Short Sales in Palm Coast

Short Sales can be a headache but with the right Realtor one can pretty much breeze through all the snags. And get an incredible deal! –
Here are some

If you would like me to work with you on them, Great! If you want to check them out first, that’s also great.
Please keep me in mind if you plan to pursue them.

Congratulations Suzanne (Again!)

Diamond Elite Award 2018


Suzanne received the “Diamond Elite for customer service” top award.

Also for units closed and in the top 100 agents for the company in the country.


Suzanne will be available for autographs when she gets home  🙂

The difference between Staging and Interior Design

AESTHETICS – SIMPLIFICATION – APPEAL – That’s what sells a home!

Home Staging Ninja

Interior Design and Staging Design are two very different beasts. Interior design is a free for all endeavor and wholly subjective. I can present you with a solid unifying design that may or may not have appeal. Interior design is personal and it can go any which way just as long as you stick to some principles and design ‘rules’ but even those at times are broken.

The precepts of Staging design are completely different. Here, the goal is to implement proven staging design so as to create a staged home that appeals to the largest number of clients. the overarching strategy is to make a space as spacious and simple as possible. Buyers come in all shapes and sizes so you need to appeal to everyone. Generally, you only use one pattern, neutral colours, subtract out personal/family photos and tone down anything overly unique or flashy.

Similar to artists, some people love their work and others hate it. With staging, you want everyone to love it.

My “go To” Home Stager is She is a Certified Home Stager (Senecca College). I use her services to help me stage my listings. It’s a pretty slick service, just upload photos of your client’s home and in a few days, back comes a Staging Analysis. More information at her website: if you’re interested!

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